The Initiative: Music and Architecture as a means for local development

More than just a music event, the Casbah Project, a design-driven initiative that takes place on the Costa Dei Trabocchi (Abruzzo), Italy since 2014 is the syncronisation of music, art, architecture, local history and culture in a 1-night-only event characterised by an unique installation which acts both as drawing the physical lines that constitute the point of gathering as well as narrating the story and legends of this very site.

Designed and realised by Paride Saraceni and his team at The Casbah Group - No-profit cultural association, as a means to bring and enhance the cultural and artistic value of the site and the inhabitants of its wider context, The Casbah Project aims at fostering ideas and means of artistic, cultural and social development of the area.

By being in close relation to their surrounding landscape, both music and the installation act as narrating instruments, setting a backdop for an antique and arabesque atmosphere, echoing the past but attempting to inspire creativity into its participants and to encourage the development of the local art and music scene, development of local products and ideas for a richer future.


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