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Since 2014, the crafting of Post Scriptum events is based on the contextual experience of unique locations. Our objective is to bring to life a exclusive and uniquely-designed clubbing experiences;
tangible, memorable and consistent across all senses.
The Casbah Project - Abruzzo, Italy (2014-207)
The Casbah Project - Abruzzo, Italy (2014-2017)
The Casbah Project is a contextual design-based initiative that took place on the Costa Dei Trabocchi (Abruzzo), Italy as a means to revitalise the coast's nightlife via the means of local resources, simple design strategies and the brand's very own music concept.
The event was characterised by a unique sustainable installation which acted as a perceived boundary as a means of intimacy, as well as a storytelling architectural element. 
Designed and realised by Paride Saraceni and his team at Post Scriptum Music Events, a Non-profit association, The Casbah Project events gathered over six-hundred people each year and contributed to the local council's events board as very first official underground electronic music event on the coast to be approved and supported by the local institutions.
The Casbah Project also contributed to the fostering of local talents and the showcasing of local products, including wine, home-brewed beers and eatery products, as well as local visual artists, performing artists, singers and musicians, painters and artisans who contributed to the event with their produce and works to what could in all rights be named a small-scale festival.
The Lodge - Abruzzo, Italy (2016)


The Lodge is the second initiative by Post Scriptum Music which also took place in a remote XV century church in Abruzzo, Italy, this event adopted its name and its related sound-code from the fictional imaginary of events inspired by its unique location.
Set up as a members-only secret event, The Lodge was the first fully contextualised theme-event to take place in a medieval building in Abruzzo, having both music, narrative, performance and location merged into one consistently immersive experience.
The carefully organised scenery and the enhancement of such via the implemention of contextual storytelling soundcode were adopted in order to provide a captivating, slightly frightening and yet charming atmosphere, where one could feel lost within the building's corridors, alluding to what could be described a secret lodge.


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