The Lodge is the second initiative by Post Scriptum Music to bring abandoned locations back to life.

Taking place in a remote location in Abruzzo, Italy, this event adopted its name and its related sound-code from the imaginary projections of events inspired by the astonishing location where it took place: an abandoned XV century Fondaco.

Acting as a reunion for a restricted and privately invited circle of guests, this project is the first fully contextual Techno event to take place in a medieval building in Abruzzo, having both music, narrative and location merged into one extremely immersive experience.

The carefully organised scenery made of carpets, curtains, candles and paintings (all naturally belonging to the very own site) and the enhancement of these via the implemention of the most appropriate catacomb-inspired storytelling soundcode were adopted in order to provide a captivating, slightly frightening and yet charming atmosphere, where one could feel lost within the brick-and-mortar corridors of the structure while participating to what resembles a secret society lodge, where masonic and ritual music have been incorporated and reinterpreted in a contemporary yet references-rich form of Techno music.


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