Demo policy


Post Scriptum Music is a constantly developing project which aim is to give life to uniquely designed and thought-through works.


Pre-Launch Note:

We think that our artists' "stories" shall not be restricted by genre, or by sound-trends, however we do expect works to start from the basic concepts that House and Techno Music are made of yet being open to other sound forms.

PS: We believe in simplicity and essentiality, in originality and organic-feel, we like the presence of melodies and the use of real recorded sounds and percussions :)


Examples of the soundtypes we are fond of can be found in Paride Saraceni's monthly mixes: click here to listen



If you feel your ideas and music could fit our phylosophy please send your work following the following application guidelines.



Please write an email with subject: "Demo - Artist Name" to: info[at]

In your email please include all and only the following:


- 1 PRIVATE soundcloud link with a maximum of 4 works (works must be exclusive and not have been shared with any other label or artist)

  Please label your works as: "Artist Name - Track Name (Email address)"

- a short written story about your work/s, perhaps what inspired you, what you would like to express through your work, or what your work makes you think of.

- few words stating why you would like to release your works on PSM and what are your future aspirations as an artist.

- full name and contact details in a clear and legible manner. Please no links to websites or to other labels.


Applications ignoring these guidelines will not be considered.

Please allow two weeks for response.



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